"Good days” and “bad days” come to our life without announcements.


We never know which kind of day we will face and that is one of the daily challenges that we all share.


Somehow bad days get more attention with strong feelings of frustration, anger and disappointment that surround us repeatedly when we think about it.


Even the day after, when we suddenly face a good day to be grateful for, some memories of the bad day succeeds to keep taking our focus on what happened yesterday.

Today´s good day is taken for granted and seems to be there just to provide us a platform to remember yesterday´s bad day that is gone; but still present because we don´t let it go.


Why can´t we just have good days? I asked once a wise man.


“If all our days were good, then probably the focus would be to categorize the less good days from those days that might be a little bit better, because the tendency to classify and categorize is a deep part of our human nature and sooner or later, we would be turning the less good days into bad ones, when comparing them to each other”,  he replied.


Then he added: “There is a meaning to have both kind of days: bad days are here to teach us to use our unique skills in difficult situations; good days are here to give us fruits of recognition and cheer us up”.

“Be aware that both good and bad days have always been relevant components of our whole journey building the person we turned into so far and are still about to become” he said.


Having good and bad days enrich our life in many ways if we embraced them with the right attitude. 

When we appreciate the lesson and cherish the good moments when they come, we will be able to create the most insightful and wonderful journey we ever dreamed of.


 What is your reflection?

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