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COACHING is a strong tool for CHANGE carried out as an exciting, discovering and inspiring interaction, releasing your power of achievement

Coaching helps you to analyse yourself and what is important for your well-being. You have the opportunity to consider possible development paths and make decisions related to your current situation and then develop a personal action plan that feels meaningful for you.

Through the coachningsprocess your goal and the way forward becomes much more clear.

Through the customized method we adapt into this process, we effectively support you to uncover and de-layer what leads you to identify the essence of your concern.

Why do we use a customized method? Because the real value of coaching lies in taking in consideration your individual expectations and apply the method that is just for you while creating room for personal development .

Everyone is unique, reason why the coaching method will always be different from person to person.

Our coaching sessions can be done by phone, skype or face to face.



When we share, we learn and when we learn we grow.


We believe that knowledge sharing has an amazing water ripple effect with huge positive impact enriching our lives.


Our Inspirational Seminars offers a variety of themes based on over 30 years experience within change, resilience, self leadership, diversity, integration and social responsibility.


Our ”Pass it forward” workshops are meant to contribute to society and that is the reason why these are free of charge.


Our hope, after each lecture, is that you take with you a new learning experience to develop yourself and at the same time pass what you learnt forward to others and grow.


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Skill Insight Sweden offers temporary solutions at short notice, engaging a business professional with long experience for a limited period of time in a specific assignment.


Interim Management, for instance, has become a relevant alternative for many organizations when the need for external competence emerges at management level.

We have competence in all Leadership Functional Areas and have the capacity to support businesses to define, analyse, activate and execute strategies in fast pace transformation, empowering employees to achieve excellence and handing over the achievement and action plan to be followed in the future by the customer or successor.


"Skill Insight Sweden´s inspirational speech given at Employment Service Offices was highly appreciated both by the audience and clients. The content was both adapted and designed for the specific group resulting in an enthusiastic audience which recognition factor was high. The speaker radiated kindness, passion and life joy of the kind that spreads to those around her. Cristina and Skill Insight is highly recommended!"

"Cristina is an asset out of the ordinary! With a great understanding of what each person needs she helps you to find new approaches to best achieve what you want. Cristina creates inspiration and challenge you to see things from a different perspective that creates awareness and success"

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