We all have a skill that no one else have,

a special talent that is waiting

to be explored and embraced.

Finding the right method and tools that support you

through the process of discovering what makes you unique,

provides you with powerful insights that open the doors of

amazing opportunities for personal growth and mastery.

What would happen if you nourish your thoughts?

What would happen if you do not strive to be someone else,

than the best version of yourself?


Be the platform that spreads sustainable perspectives that contributes with

insightful, efficient, and meaningful

personal development through

self-awareness expansion.


Enpower with deep insight and inspiration people´s true potential journey of

discovery, as key assets

of society and role models

for future generations.

The power of authenticity and Awareness

The power of authenticity encourages to embrace

the genuine uniqueness we all have,

while elevating each other.

The power of awareness leads to find

meaningfulness in what we do

to evolve together

The power of togetherness and the variety of insightful ways we can contribute to society enlightening the paths of self-awareness and well-being to help people to discover their unique potential, while embracing their one-of-a-kind powerful genuineness with courage is a delightful view shared with this inspiring star.

Jaana Norén

Founder of Healingstugan

Reiki Master, Life Coach, Yoga, Qigong & Mindfulness instructor, Kid´s yoga teacher,

Vedic Art teacher & crystal healer.

"I believe that everyone can grow strong to harmony & well-being and can strengthen themselves to its unique whole.  Stand firmly on the ground with the crown, trunk and roots even though it is stormy!."



When you are aware of your current situation, you know what you need to focus on to set up relevant goals to enrich your  journey of discovery. You will then unlock your powerful greatness and growth

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