To provide, with deep insight and inspiration, outstanding personal development services that empowers people's true potential, as key assets of society, role models and mentors of future generations.


When we are aware of our current situation, we use deep insight to decide which things we need to focus on.


Then, we are able to set up relevant goals to work on and let go of things that limit and put us on the wrong track from what really enriches and highlights the journey towards the goal.

These magical journey of discovery, allow us to understand what is needed to take action on to unlock the greatness and potential within.

The best version of ourselves releases and finally contributes not only to our personal development, but also to others around us, creating an amazing positive water ripple effect on people´s lives.

Cristina Söderberg
CEO & Founder





We all have a skill that no one else has, a special talent that is waiting to be explored and embraced.


Skill Insight Sweden has the right services and methods to support you through the process of discovering what makes you unique and provide you with powerful tools that open the doors of amazing opportunities for self development and mastery.


What would happen with your life if you focus to be better than the person you were yesterday?

What would happen if you provided nourishment to your thoughts?

What would happen if you don´t strive to be someone else than the best version of yourself?


Cristina Söderberg
CEO & Founder

Cristina has over 25 years solid experience in the broad spectrum of Change Management, HR, Leadership, Strategy and Communication, with expertise in fast pace transformation, global matrixed organizations, diverse cultures and human behaviour.


Cristina is multilingual and has been leading teams in several countries around the globe, heading positions within Finance, IT, HR and Communications.

She hold degrees within Business Management, Education and Behavioral Science degrees, as well as certifications in Cultural Transformation, Coaching and NLP Master.


She is also Speaker Coach at TEDxStockkholm.

Cristina has been awarded with the Distinguished Toastmasters Award in Public Speaking.

Cristina´s leadership has also been highly recognized with two nominations to “Årets Chef” (Leader of the Year) by the Swedish leadership Magazine “Chef”, both year 2015 and 2016



On May 25, 2018, the EU's new Personal Data Act will enter into force: GDPR

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and is a new data protection regulation from the EU that will become a law in all EU member states from 25 May 2018.

GDPR will replace the current law of the Personal Data Act (PUL). The law is intended to protect the integrity of individuals and intends to modernize, harmonize and strengthen protection within the EU.

Skill Insight Sweden handles personal data for purposes related to our business. Hereby we want to inform you about the personal information we process, the purposes for which this treatment is being done and the rights you have as a client, and where you can turn around if you have questions about the use of your personal information by Skill Insight Sweden.

Where do we get your personal data?

The personal information collected by Skill insight Sweden is always collected directly from you as a client.
When reaching out to us, you consent Skill Insight Sweden collecting and storing your data according to GDPR regulations mentioned above.

What categories of personal data do we treat?

The personal data Skill Insight Sweden treats can be divided into the following categories:

- Client details (name, e-mail, telephone number and, if applicable, birth year)

What are your personal data processed for?

All Personal Information collected by Skill Insight Sweden is processed for the following purposes:

-Administration of client registers, billing and accounting

-Communication to you as a client or as information about future activities

Who can we share your personal information with?

Skill Insight Sweden does not disclose your personal information to external companies and organizations.

Where is your personal information processed?

Skill Insight Sweden stores and processes personal data in Sweden.

How long do we save your personal information?

Personal data processed for billing of training or coaching is saved as long as it is required for accounting purposes. After completion of training or coaching, the data is saved until follow-up is completed.

We will retain your information only if you have agreed to keep you informed about our activities and offers and you are always entitled to withdraw your consent whenever you wish.

What are your rights?

-You have the right to be informed. You are entitled to receive information about what Skill Insight Sweden has about you, the purpose of the treatment and the recipients to which the information is disclosed.

-You have the right to get information corrected. If you wish to change or correct any of your personal information, you can do so by logging in to http://skill-insight.com/contact or contact us via mail to info@skill-insight.com .

-You have the right to be deleted. You have the right to have your information deleted if your information is no longer necessary for the purpose they were collected. You may in certain cases be entitled to require Skill Insight Sweden to limit the processing of the data in question.

Read more about GDPR on Integritetsskyddsmyndighetens hemsida.


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