About us


Cristina Söderberg

Meet the Founder

Behavioral Scientist, Certified CBT & ACT Coach, NLP Master and International Public Speaker with genuine passion to empower people to achieve excellence with meaningfulness.

Entrepreneural leader with strong change management expertise as well as solid experience heading multicultural global corporate functions in fast pace transformation.

Two leadership nominations by the swedish leadership magazine "Chef", year 2015 and 2016.

Holds the International Distinguished Toastmasters Award in Public Speaking

Cristina´s life phylosofy quote: "Evolution starts with awareness"


We believe in the power of togetherness and the variety of insightful ways we can contribute to society enlightening the paths of self-awareness and well-being to help people to discover their unique potential, while embracing their one-of-a-kind powerful genuineness with courage.


We are delightful to share this view with Skill Insight Sweden´s amazing team of trusted partners.

Jaana Norén

Founder of Healingstugan

Jaana is the Founder of Healingstugan.

She is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Yoga, Qigong & Mindfulness instructor, Kid´s yoga teacher, Vedic Art teacher & crystal healer.

Jaana´s life philosophy: "I believe that everyone can grow strong to harmony & well-being and can strengthen themselves to its unique whole.

Stand firmly on the ground with the crown, trunk and roots even though it is stormy!.

Miranda Karlsson

Digital Content Designer

Miranda´s graphic design, color, shape and typography are components she used along with hers creative designs for digital productions that are adapted for all social media channels and also for live presentations in big screens.

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