Coaching Programs



It is a strong tool for CHANGE carried out as an exciting, discovering and inspiring interaction, releasing your power of achievement

Coaching helps you to analyse yourself and what is important for your well-being. You have the opportunity to consider possible development paths and make decisions related to your current situation and then develop a personal action plan that feels meaningful for you.

Through the coachningsprocess your goal and the way forward becomes much more clear.

Through the customized method we adapt into this process, we effectively support you to uncover and de-layer what leads you to identify the essence of your concern.

Why do we use a customized method?

Because the real value of coaching lies in taking in consideration your individual expectations and apply the method that is just for you while creating room for personal development .

Everyone is unique, reason why the coaching method will always be different from person to person.

Our coaching sessions can be done by phone, skype or face to face.




Where do YOU want to be and why?



How could I reach my goal?



What is the current situation?



I know what to do, when and how to reach the goal



This program is for YOU if you are on the right track but got stucked and need both efficiency and effectiveness to speed up not only in action but also on decision making towards your goal.








3, 6 or 9 month


This program is for YOU if you have the need of CHANGE in all areas of your life while balancing thoughts, feelings and actions to master awareness to let go, deal with acceptance and handle adversity.

Applied areas:      

                  • Leadership
                  • Career
                  • Relationships
                  • Networking
                  • Finance
                  • Self-Image


12 or 18 months            



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"Cristina has helped me to transform my CV to a more clear and creative reflection of who I am and what I am about. The work that I have done with Cristina with my CV has taken me to an interview directly after sending my CV to a recruiter. My CV was even forwarded at once to the recruiters’ co-workers that have asked me if I am interested to come for interviews for other open positions. All the persons that I have met, thanks to my new updated CV, has commented what a great CV I have. The first recruiter that contacted me even said he had never seen as good CV before. To have a mentor that challenges is the key. Cristina challenged me and I trust she will challenge you. She is fun and very inspirational to work with. She will take you to the next level. Thank you Cristina!" Liisa

"Tack vare Skill Insight Sweden har jag tagit mitt nästa kliv i karriären. Coachningen har gett mig rätt verktyg och mindset till att våga gå utanför min comfort zone och våga tro på mig själv. Efter bara några sessioner kunde jag se framsteg och jag nådde mina mål mycket snabbare än förväntat. Tack för allt!

Jag kan verkligen rekommendera Skill Insight Sweden!" Ellen Zettersten, Nordic HR Team Lead, Bonava

"I was recommended by a friend to try coaching with Cristina at Skill Insight Sweden and I am so grateful that she did. Every session I walked away with so much more energy, clarity and motivation to make the changes that I wanted and needed in my life. Her smile and positive energy is so infectious and she repeatedly helped me think outside of the box.

Many objectives that I felt were ’unreachable’, ‘too difficult’, too this, too that (excuses) Cristina was able to help me break them down to the point that I was suddenly empowered to take control. Thank you very much!" Alexa

"We all face trouble in our life, but not being able to see the real you kills us. If a person is there supporting you, encouraging you, and helping you discover your unique skills, we can stand up and fight again, even fight harder. Cristina helped me discover the key assets in me that I didn't even know or believe before. She took me along the myth and equipped me with a new, and bright way to look at myself and appreciate all the strengths I have. I would never have been able to become optimistic and reach my goal so fast without her help. She is a coach and also a life-long-worthy friend. Thank you Cristina!" Agnes Yang, Product Owner, Scania Group

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