Goal setting Insights


There are many methods and tools that are very helpful for goal setting.

However, powerful questions and insights, are powerful ways to reveal gaps when setting goals, which could be the difference between struggling with goal progress or having a smooth flow towards achievement.

Three Questions

  1. Is there any habit or routine that is a disadvantage to your goal that you need to remove or adjust to avoid blockage?

  2. Is there any habit or routine that you need to implement and follow continuously that is connected to the success of your goal?

  3. Are you booking accordingly the actions you must take during the journey ahead towards your goal?
    According to research, when we plan exactly when (day, time) and where we will perform a specific routine, our environment turns into a trigger for action.

Two Insights

  1. Think long-term and act short-term when dealing with goals to avoid getting stuck

  2. Use visualization as tool for motivation. You find detailed information here

For your reflection

Which question would you need to apply to your goal?
Which Insight could be useful from now on?