Invisible hinder


Have you ever been in those situations where you see the opportunities and possibilities in front of you but still, something happen that made you change your readiness to take the step to go for it?

Do you suddenly realize that thoughts and opinions about yourself not being able to carry out are strong as these are seen as a truth?

These are those invisible hinders, called “limiting beliefs”.

Limiting beliefs are false assumptions about ourselves that we see as a truth and that can, in some negative cases, stop our personal development, become the biggest obstacles to achieve our goals, discover our true potential, and from having a fullfilled life with purpose.

Being aware of the moment these limiting beliefs become visible to us is relevant to create growth and boost our self-confidence to dare take the chances that we deep inside know are meant for us.

Below some powerful questions to help you detect, understand, and challenge your limiting beliefs.

  1. Stop when you find yourself trying to hold you back from doing something you want to try
  2. What is your limiting belief in this case? Is this a thought? Is this a feeling?
  3. Challenge it! What is the source of this thought or feeling? Do you need to think or feel this way?
  4. Is this true? Who says that? What is your current situation?
  5. What advantages do you find for you if you take this chance to try?
  6. How do you feel when you reach that step?
  7. What did you discover now?

Take small steps every day and you will see the huge positive change you create in your life when you challenge those invisible hinders to become the courageous leader you know you are