Why do we have a hard time to prioritize ourselves?

Some of the reasons is because it is difficult for us to say NO to others. We want to be available when people need us, we want to help, and we don´t want to disappoint them.

However, the moments we don´t feel for being available for others might be a sign that we urge to be available to ourselves instead. It could be as simple as we need to dedicate time to rest and just be, which is a right we all must focus on for our own wellbeing.  

To put some perspective: When we say YES to something, we are saying NO to something else.

Remember those moments you spend time with yourself and how good it felt after you prioritized yourself. It could be just a moment of reflection about your dreams, to read a book or any activity that involve just you and your needs. Your level of energy and mood boosts because you got the chance to dedicate time to yourself.

Be aware that too many YESES to others leave you with less or no time for you. Sometimes what started being a 10-minute activity for one

YES, become a many hour’s activities for several YESES. Be aware of this.

People appreciate genuineness and honesty. Even though you think we will fail them for not saying yes, that is not true if we are genuine. You don´t need to find excuses to say NO when prioritizing yourself is reason enough.

If you need time to think, ask to get back after you check your availability, but if you already know that you need your time, don´t delay the answer. It will just take extra time from you and others when procrastinating an answer, you already knew from the beginning.

In the whole dimension of priorities we need to schedule, YOU will always be your priority number one.

You are leading your life and not just administrating activities to be scheduled that bring no benefits to you.

Remember that when we prioritize ourselves, we feel good and when we feel good, we can help others with better awareness, energy, and attention too.

People around you will appreciate your honesty, the respect you show for each other´s time and they might even get inspired to prioritize themselves too, when their moment come.