Small Adjustments


Putting into perspective the relationship between two similar concepts, but still so different from each other can help us to find those spots with almost small hidden gaps that can bring huge positive changes to our life.

These small adjustments can help us to create a mindful journey of excitement with optimization, growth, and less stress.

Below, three interesting concepts with a twist of insightfulness:

“Having resources” vs “Being resourceful”

We all have plenty of resources in terms of competences, experiences, skills, talents, etc. When challenges arise, looking from a perspective of “having or not having resources” can become a hinder.

The belief of not counting with those resources will position us in a “lack of resources”, which is one of the reasons of getting stuck.

However, being resourceful is about how we use our resources taking in consideration creativity and willingness to think from a completely different perspective to find a unique solution to our advantage.

A question for your reflection: How could you use the resources that you already have in a resourceful way to reach your target?

“Prioritizing our schedule” vs “Scheduling our priorities”

Stephen Covey said: The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

Reflecting on this quote bring up a whole new approach that opens doors of self-awareness to put focus on the priorities that matter when structuring our tasks, instead of losing focus, time, and energy in what is not truly relevant for us.

A question for your reflection when scheduling your priorities: Which priorities give you advantages, and which ones give you disadvantages?

“Effective” vs “Efficient”

It is well known that being effective is about doing the right things and being efficient is about doing things right. Both being effective and being efficient lead to reach targets.

However, understanding the difference between doing the right things or doing things right is the key to a smarter, more qualitative and disstressful result.

To be effective or be doing the right things leads to reach targets despite using unneeded kind of resources, such as people performing confusing tasks, undefined roles, overtime, etc.

Being efficient or doing things right will also lead to reach targets but with quality and optimization during the whole process, such as finding simplicity, identifying synergies to avoid confusion, using time and resources in clear and smart way.

A question for your reflection: What could you do to become more efficient?