Switching Perspectives



What does problem solving, goal setting, and decision making need to boost effectiveness and efficiency?

The answer is the ability to switch perspectives.

The most efficient way to do it is applying the two powerful angels of strategic thinking ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT, which will be explained below:

Zoom In

Zoom in is about focusing exclusively to see the details of a situation in an enlarged scale to explore and capture probabilities, alternatives and opportunities that might have been dismissed.

Zoom in help to identify short-term actions in goal setting.

Zoom Out

Zoom out is focusing to get the widest view of a situationĀ“s framework, called the big picture.

Zoom out provides a long-term view in goal setting.

What are the advantages of applying zoom in and zoom out method?

Using both perspectives help us to not fall in the trap of getting stuck, missing to collect relevant information that can be found across both perspectives. Furthermore, we cover the ensamble approach of a situation requiring problem solving, decision making or goal setting.


For your reflection

Zoom out: What goal are you expecting to reach this year?
Zoom in: Which metric will you use to measure and evaluate your progress the coming quarter?