Are you getting stressed chasing time?

Do you feel overwhelmed about those feelings of not getting enough time to do all the things you so much have been thinking about doing?

How could we feel this way if the day offers each one of us, daily, the same number of hours to spend in what adds value to us?

However, sometimes we also find that sweet spot where we experience flow, synchronization of tasks, and true balance. Time seems to be on our side. What has been done different?

The difference is our state of consciousness (self-awareness) and clarity created in the present moment about what is relevant for us.

We have been able to use mindfully, resourcefully and wisely our resources (skills, competencies, experiences, habits, routines, etc) to our advantage. Therefore, we experience ourselves and time in harmony.

We don't chase time anymore, we feel peace. Time became the reward and not the target.

This is the magic zone we have already succeeded to reach many times.

The way there is just adjusting our perception to the concept of time and its connection to consciousness.

When we do so, a moment of reflection can guide us to what is relevant for us and the insight can reveal how we can use prudently our resources that will lead to that timely decision making that creates mental well-being, build coherence between what matters to us while fostering our actions with time as a mindful and sustainable lifestyle.