Mental imagery, best known as “visualization” is a powerful tool for goal achievement and as mental training. It has been used for a long time, mostly by elite athletes to excel their performance.

But visualization is much more than just that. Visualization can be used in many other areas as for example create a “room for relaxation” to reduce stress, or even to create the life we want. This certainly has nothing to do with people living in a fantasy world, but several studies found that the visualization process itself has the power to prime our brain to look for signs to act on around us to facilitate the manifestation.

Visualization is used already by many of us. Many times, we visualize things we are afraid, worried about, or don´t want to happen. One example of this kind of visualization is the time we worried about how nervous we would be in a certain situation, that this happened for real.

Another example is the time we trust our skills and competence to do something new that we later achieved.

If we are just aware of how powerful visualization is and use it focusing in what we want instead of focusing in what we don´t want, it can change the outcome in many aspects of our lives.

Below you will find three simple steps to help you perform your visualization process. Take a piece of paper and write your answers:

Step 1:
Decide what do you want and make sure to create a clear description of how your vision look like
Three questions that could help you with this step is:
What do you have for goal/vision?
How does this goal/vision look like in detail?
What do you have by your side that helps you to face challenges and keep motivated? Formulate in detail

Step 2:

Imagine your emotions and senses when your goal/vision come true, in detail

How does it feel achiving your goal?

Step 3:
Repeat the two steps above and establish the daily routine of identifying one thing that can help you to get closer to your goal/vision.

This will help you to create the foundation of continuity and grit that is needed to support your manifestation process.

Remember that the key of the visualization process is to know what we want (step 1). Once we are very clear and concrete of what we want to achieve, the step 2 and 3 will become both easy and engaging to carry on.

Give it a try!