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Change management is a well-known term that is used daily in working life. Most of us come into contact with change, either by leading it, supporting it, or going through it. We can't help it.

How do we use the knowledge we gain from undergoing change and the methods available to deal with it?

We all need to go through changes, whether in the workplace or in the private life.

Cristina shares how Change Management methodology supported her in her own journey through cultural integration and career development providing valuable new perspectives.

You will increase the efficiency of managing your own CHANGE projects forward learning how to find the amazing energy you only get when you are aware of where your focus needs to go to get what you want.

We communicate every day, we align actions with colleagues, with family and friends and we focus on making our message be understood by others.

Sometimes we get lost in our own activities, we get confused and we look for people to talk about this but who do we really should talk to?

We have goals and dreams coming from the same sponsor: OURSELVES.

Imagine how much clarity and awareness you should have if you had that powerful conversation with yourself.

This speech willl also reveal the true benefit with lots of inspiration.

Asking questions can be a hard action to take.

Sometimes we think we should know the answers, so we avoid to ask.

Other times, we know a question could open the doors of persuasion but uncertainty stop us.

The truth is that all questions are POWERFUL. The problem is the sense of not knowing HOW to formulate them in a way these serve us as we meant them to.

This speech will transport you to a life journey where questions became the pillars of GROWTH and were you will be provided with effective ways on how to formulate your questions in the most strongest and persuasive way.



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"Skill Insight Sweden´s inspirational speech given at Employment Service Offices was highly appreciated both by the audience and clients. The content was both adapted and designed for the specific group resulting in an enthusiastic audience which recognition factor was high. The speaker radiated kindness, passion and life joy of the kind that spreads to those around her. Cristina and Skill Insight is highly recommended!"

"Lyssnade på Cristinas fantastiska föreläsning om mångkulturella organisationer. Vilken fantastiskt insiktsfull människa. Inspirerande!" Alexandra Sjögren, CEO/founder, Greetings leaders

"Cristinas föreläsning bjöd på många insikter, lärdomar att ta med hem och fniss." Anna Lindbäck, VD, Nanobin

"Denna professionella kvinna höll ett lysande föredrag om sitt förändringsarbete. Både privat och inom näringslivet." Ulla Hermansson, CEO/founder, Clive Christian Scandinavia AB

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