Four Pathways to Personal Development

Speech Coaching

CBT & ACT Coaching


Speech Coaching

Provides 1:1 coaching in all dimensions to deliver a powerful and memorable speech, taking in consideration preparation, managing nervousness, body language, assertive communication, public speaking and rhetoric.


This tailored and unique speech coaching combines the science behind story telling, brain chemistry and NLP.

CBT & ACT Coaching

Two powerful methods, CBT & ACT, are used in the coaching process because the real value lies in taking in consideration the individual expectations, applying the method that support you dealing with challenges and increase your ability to reach your goals, while creating room for your personal development .

Everyone is unique, reason why the coaching method will always be different from person to person.


Uppgrade your Skills & Competences with three interactive ways to boost your personal development that easy adapts to your lifestyle.


This coaching book is dedicated to you that are aware of the importance of living a life in connection with the meaningful journey of rediscovery, as we constantly evolve.

"Evolution starts with Awareness"