Public Speaking



You explore INSIGHTS, find new PERSPECTIVES, create connection, and UNDERSTANDING that release AWARENESS to evolve”

This Public Speaking program provides 1:1 coaching in all dimensions to deliver a powerful and memorable speech, taking in consideration preparation, managing nervousness, body language, assertive communication, public speaking and rhetoric.


This tailored and unique speech coaching combines the science behind story telling, brain chemistry and NLP.

Public Speaking Training from the
Distinguished Toastmaster & Tedx
Speaker Coach

Are you ready to unleash your public speaking potential and discover your strengths and unique style?

This coaching One on One will include the following areas:

-Evaluation of your current public speaking presence

-Rhetoric and public speaking tools

-Storytelling & Brain Chemistry

-Dealing with nervousness and challenging situations

-How to influence on stage, and at any other occasion when your speaking matters: meetings, webinars, conversations with clients, job interviews, and more.

-We adjust, correct and improve areas of relevance


”From idea development and evolution to teasing out nuances of delivery, timing, and personal connection, Cristina was everything I needed in a coach and she helped elevate my TEDx speech from a wish into an idea truly worth spreading. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to connect deeply are profound and I now consider her a lifelong mentor”.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

- Award-winning writer
and photographe