You explore INSIGHTS to find possibilities,
KNOWLEDGE to understand and AWARENESS to evolve”

Cristina Söderberg


We all need to go through changes, whether in the workplace or in the private life, either by leading it, supporting it, or going just through it.

Change is inevitable. You need to take lead of your own situation and take decisions to keep moving forward.

Cristina shares her own journey, providing valuable and inspiring perspectives regarding cultural integration and career development.


We communicate every day, we align actions with colleagues, with family and friends and we focus on making our message be understood by others.

Sometimes we miss the most important conversation of all: interacting with ourselves.

Thoughts determine feelings and feelings determine actions.

Cristina shows how powerfully positive our life can turn by determining the right actions, once we become aware of our thoughts and feelings.


Many times we think we should know the answers, so we avoid to ask. Sometimes, we know our question could open the doors of understanding, persuation and awareness, but uncertainty stop us.

Asking questions can be a hard action to take but the truth is that all questions are POWERFUL.

Imagine you knowing HOW to effectively formulate those questions in the way these serves you as you meant them to.

Cristina will provide you those tools and will transport you to a life journey where questions became the pillars of GROWTH.


”Cristina´s inspirational speech given at Employment Service Offices was highly appreciated both by the audience and clients. The content was both adapted and designed for the specific group resulting in an enthusiastic audience which recognition factor was high.

Cristina radiated kindness, passion and life joy of the kind that spreads to those around her and we highly recommend her!”

”Lyssnade på Cristinas fantastiska föreläsning om mångkulturella organisationer. Vilken fantastiskt insiktsfull människa. Inspirerande!”

Alexandra Sjögren, CEO/founder, Greetings leaders

”Cristinas föreläsning bjöd på många insikter, lärdomar att ta med hem och fniss.”

Anna Lindbäck, VD, Nanobin

”Denna professionella kvinna höll ett lysande föredrag om sitt förändringsarbete. Både privat och inom näringslivet.”

Ulla Hermansson, CEO/founder, Clive Christian Scandinavia AB