Providing feedback


Why is it so challenging to provide feedback when the source of its existence is all about improvement and development?

Some of the reasons is that sometimes we are not quite sure how to provide feedback in the best way as we don’t want to hurt feelings when providing an evaluation to something or someone’s performance.

So, we choose not providing feedback to avoid creating a negative effect in our relationship with others.

Feedback doesn´t need to be that complicated.

In 1967 Philosopher Nelson Goodman founded “Project Zero” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with the mission to make learning visible for individuals and since then a lot of fantastic work has been done to enhance educational processes.

In 2005 Professors Daniel Wilson and David Perkins developed the “Ladder of Feedback” routine as a protocol for students and educators to provide constructive feedback to each other while establishing a culture of trust and support.

The ladder of feedback is a powerful tool that has both a clear and strong approach that engages to discussion and mutual growth.

The four steps are the following:

  1. Clarify
    Bring up questions to understand the other person´s approach regarding the feedback that you are about to provide
    Example: Could you help me to understand what….?

  2. Value
    Tell what you like from what you understood
    Example: What I like from what you explain is….

  3. State concerns
    Express the concerns you find
    Example: I wonder if…

  4. Suggest
    Ask if you can bring up suggestions
    Example: May I suggest…?

As every method, practice is the guiding star that will make things flow smoothly when using this wonderful method.

Are you ready to use it?