Receiving Feedback


Feedback is a gift that contributes to our personal development.

However, it is not always easy to handle it due to many reasons, such as avoid the uncomfortable feelings of being rejected or criticized.

Below you will find a very simple and effective method to receive and handle feedback, while getting the most out of it for your own benefit and personal development:

  • Stop and  observe without judgements

  • Focus on listening to WHAT is being said and avoid to focus on HOW it is provided

  • Avoid engaging in a debate if you don´t seem to agree with this but thank for taking the time to talk about this concern
  • Seek for understanding the other person´s approach by showing interest to know more about the feedback provided:

    • Ask specific questions such as "Has this happen before?" "When?" "Can you give me examples?"

    • If the feedback is valid for you, ask for specific recommendations for solutions to improve or suggestions

This four step method will help you not only to improve the way you handle feedback, but you get the opportunity to learn more about yourself, while strengthening collaboration with the feedback provider.