Disney Strategy


Are you looking for an exciting tool for creative thinking to build your strategy?

Then it is the Disney’s Creative Strategy tool you are looking for!

This tool was inspired by Walt Disney and his talent to put together creative ideas into reality.

NLP expert Robert Dilts modeled the Walt Disney’s strategy in 1994, which technique is about using parallel thinking to create, assess ideas and solve challenges during the process.

There are three perspectives you need to take in consideration:

As a Dreamer
Imagination and vision takes place from this perspective.
Ask yourself: What can I do if everything was possible?

As a Realist
Planning and the way to apply the Dreamer´s idea takes place from this perspective.
Ask yourself: How can I build a plan to ensure the idea holds?

As a Critic
Logic takes place and the mitigation of risks
Ask yourself: Why is not possible to apply this? What do I need?


The result of this creative process is a strong action plan to apply built from a dream, where weaknesses have been taken in consideration to make the dream come true.