Obstacles are annoying and can distroy the flow we are in. The shock, the uncertainty and the stress obstacles bring to our state of mind, can paralize us.

To deal with obstacles requires that we make use of specific skills in order to take us away from being stuck and find new ways to keep moving forward.

Below you will find the five ones:

Stop, take a step back, observe your feelings and the relationship you have to this obstacle:
What happens?
What would you recommend to do if someone else was in this situation?

Acknowledge and accept:
Your feelings and think about facts about the ”situation”
The fact that obstacles may exist on the road and will become part of the process that will lead you to achieve your goal.

Take a decision by:
Avoiding impulsivity
Choosing to be objective
Keeping the final goal in mind. Sometimes larger obstacles have smaller obstacles to overcome. Break them down and tackle them into smaller pieces

Be flexible and willing to consider different ways to reach your goal

Finally, remember to always find the lessons to learn and the wisdom behind every obstacles

This action will boost your personal development and your leadership skills in many ways.