Reflections for a mindful and healthy self-relationship



Be reminded that you do your best every day to perform all the roles you take care by choice and so many other roles life has trusted to you.

You navigate constantly with courage the uncertainty of the unexpected and the unpredictable, inspiring people around you that see your greatness.


Celebrate and be grateful for having in you that very best friend taking good care of you as you are a true hero not only in this very moment of reflection, but every day.


Close your eyes and focus on your efforts. Take them into consideration because these are the diamonds of your daily journey.


Every single minute you spent trying has been empowered by your active, committed, and tangible contribution that has already started to get you closer to your destination.


To put your effort and patience into action, without giving up, tells a lot about your prudence, as the trail of your wisdom and will power that has been creating the better version of yourself steadily.


Be kind to yourself and connect daily to your essence with a moment of reflection to find insights, discovering as well as celebrating the struggles you are overcoming; and be aware of your endless contributions to this world.


With reflection, you hold your inner compass, and the clarity of your genuine uniqueness is revealed to you.


Then, you will see it, you will feel it and you will embrace those victorious insights before these become lost memories that you deserve to remember, treasure, and share.

For your reflection:

What insight do you take with you?