Self Discipline and Will Power


Have you ever felt weak to overcome negative habits or impulses such as unwillingness to act on your goals or experienced an absence of determination to move forward?

Then you need to strength your self-discipline and will power!

But aren´t these terms the same? What is the difference?

Self-discipline is the continuous methodical training we consciously perform with the purpose to develop and get positive outcomes in our life.

Self-discipline use the behavioral cognitive system, where reflection and assertiveness remind us why we need to keep committed to our goals, while we deal with emotional impulsiveness.

By other part, will power, has been defined by psychology as the capacity to turn down a short-term temptation with the purpose to achieve a long-term goal.

Both will power and self-discipline, are powerfully connected to each other and when self-discipline becomes stronger, willpower becomes stronger too.

Furthermore, when we strengthen both skills, we feel more confident, more in control over our behavior and mentally stronger.

Below you will find three easy tips that will help you to boost your self-discipline and will power:

  1. Identify one reason to enjoy doing the things you need to do, to avoid resistance.

    For example, if you know you need to exercise more but you don´t like to do so, probably a good way to start doing it is by taking 10 minutes’ walk applying something you enjoy doing. Let´s say you love taking pictures. Then you can take the walk with your camera. Suddenly, the walk will become longer, better for your health and pleasant; as you are connecting the happiness of taking pictures with a healthy exercise.

  2. Make sure to formulate your goals clearly and divide them into easy small parts to spark your deepest motivation and facilitate the measurement of your progress.

  3. Create a learning environment around you, where failure is an important component to the path of your successful growth as a person, take daily reflections and learn from them.

Keep in mind that self-discipline and will-power are relevant to our personal development.

Additionally, both skills help us to have a more purposeful and mindful life, while becoming the better version of ourselves.