Our strengths are powerfull skills that help us to reach our dreams and deal with life challenges. However, it is not always easy to know which these are.

Often, we know better our weaknesses because our natural ability to focus more in problems or the negative part of things, which is the logic tendency of our brain to keep us both alert and safe.

Did you know that behind our weaknesses, some of our strenths are hidden? This happens because often our weaknesses are the version of our strengths lacking balance, are excessively to the negative extreme or are overused.


Sometimes the unrealistic person, with a dose of balance, might be the visionary. Other times the impatient person, might be the one with the driven power.

By putting together a list with our weaknesses and then identify the strengths by balancing the weaknesses, we can easily find our strengths and discover more valuable skills about us.

Theodore Levitt once said ”Anything in excess is a poison” and this is the case when our strengths are out of balance.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform this valuable assessment from time to time in order to find our strengths and be aware of what triggers them to become the weaknesses that need to be balanced in time.