We all have a hidden super power that we all share but seldom use, a special talent that is waiting to be explored and fully embraced.

This super power have the strong ability to transform situations we might be seeing as devastating or hard to handle, into priceless ones. It  reveals to us every day, everywhere, when we need it the most. It is called insight.

Insight supports us through the process of discovering new perspectives and angles daily and it is so powerful that it can open the doors of amazing opportunities for self development and most of all kindness to ourselves, removing feelings of failure or self-criticism. We start loving ourselves for who we are and for the insightful ways we manage challenges.

Below you will find three situations and how the insight super power can bring you valuable and relevant discoveries to your growth:

When we are rejected

It is difficult. A sense of failure and uncomfortable feeling might take over our thoughts and the inner critic shows up.

Using insight, we discover that rejection benefit us in many ways. It helps us to build strong resilience, development applying the lessons we learn to future adversities.

Rejection is also proof that we are trying and that we are courageous getting out our comfort zone. Rejection is a sign that we are moving forward.

When we get negative feedback

It is easy to perceive it as we are doing things wrong, impacting our self-esteem.

However, what if we bring some insight to the situation and focus on WHAT has been said to us instead of HOW?

We would be able to find concrete areas of improvement that we become more curious to develop, without getting emotional on the way it has been given.

Then, we will feel encouraged to ask questions to understand more about the gaps we want to strengthen and, probably, even ask about tips or recommendations on how to get started in this journey of change.

Insight allows us to see this kind of feedback as the gift it really is to our personal development.

When we make mistakes

It is hard because our seek for being good doing things doesn´t allow us to use the insight to see that mistakes are the learning blocks that is needed to become good at something.

Mistakes can´t be a failure as long as we use the insight super power and understand that these are the lessons we need to become as good as we want to be and the possibility to become ingenious, during the journey, transforming mistakes into growth.

So, the next time you face situations that might challenge your inner critic, try your super power INSIGHT to see the good things life is giving you to become the best version of your uniqueness.