The alchemical power of Storytelling




It is well known that a great storytelling technique is the one that deeply captivates, connect and persuade an audience, creating a powerful call to action.

Storytelling is not only used by public speakers, but this technique has been used by all of us, everywhere, because we all are, by essence, storytellers.

However, understanding the science behind it can enhance the use of this technique bringing good storytelling to alchemical storytelling.

The way we use our words to deliver an emotion become a powerful trigger that release brain chemicals, such as hormones that creates the empathic sense of connection to our story.

Knowing how to use this part of the storytelling process becomes the difference between a nice speech and a memorable one, that not only succeeds to create a powerful call to action but transform an audience into ambassadors of the speech´s purpose.

The moment storytelling is happening, our brain releases the following chemicals that transport us and allow us to experience the story from different emotional angles:


It activates the brain's learning and reward system. Dopamine is what makes our speech memorable.

Dopamine is activated with an interesting question with a hook in the beginning of a speech, exciting transitions creating suspense with a twist.


It awakes our empathy toward others.

The presence of a hero, vulnerability, justice, or any other connection to our heart in storytelling creates the sense of belonging and togetherness, almost impossible to resist.


It is known as the stress hormone. However, a little dose of it triggers fully attention, creating excitement, sense of risk, curiosity, and expectation to the lesson to be learned.


Funny anecdotes or unexpected humor put the public at ease and delivers feel-good moments as well as a sense of happiness.

Furthermore, endorphins have the healthy positive effect in our system.


Powerful storytelling provides a cocktail of these chemicals that creates an alchemical process that transports an audience to experience the story from a deeper emotional dimension that inspires, entertains, captivates, and creates growth; while sharing new perspectives, experiences, and learning.

For you reflection:

How could you enhance your conversations or presentations with this knowledge?