The Art of Acceptance


There are moments we find ourselves having an extremely hard time to accept circumstances, especially those unpredictable changes we are not comfortable with.

We fight against acceptance in so many ways, mainly putting a lot of time and energy complaining about how unfair things are or constantly overthinking our unpleasant lack of control.

However, it is in the middle of these moments of mental and emotional struggling where we can create opportunities for our personal growth and even move forward effectively.

We just need to practice the art of dealing with acceptance.

Why is it so hard to accept?

Mainly because we tend to misunderstand the meaning of acceptance, by thinking we are ok with what is going on, or that we are giving up or that we are failing in taking control over the situation.

When we are in this mindset, it is reasonable that we will remain in a loop of unhealth obstinacy and anxiety.

Furthermore, being in the middle of a stressful situation, emotions enrage us due to the disruption of expectations and internal conflict in relation with the unfairness we experience.

How could we become better dealing with acceptance?

The art of dealing with acceptance lays in understanding the true meaning of acceptance:

  • Acceptance does not mean that we are giving up
  • Acceptance does not mean that we are ok with what is going on
  • Acceptance does not mean that we are failing.

Acceptance true meaning is that we acknowledge what is going on right now. This acknowledgement is valid for the current situation and only for what it is in this present moment.

It takes a lot of courage to dare see things as they are and stop refusing facts, but the moment we perform the acknowledgement of the circumstance we are in, we can clear our mind and focus all our power and energy in what really matters and stop the pointless and exhausting debate fighting what is already happening.

Acceptance is the strongest and wisest form of authentic awareness.

Finally, the next time you have the impulse to fight what is not under your control, keep in mind that practicing the art of dealing with acceptance will also strengthen your effectiveness, problem solving, strategic thinking and decision-making skills, because of the simple reason that acceptance is also a relevant component of a powerful self-leadership.