The Power of a Question


Asking questions can be uncomfortable for many. A perception of being exposed to a lack of knowledge leads, in several situations, to the avoidance to ask.

However, questions provide enormous power to the one asking.

Answers are ephemeral as the reply given in a moment, adjusts towards factors that the variable change brings intermittently.

Questions, instead, become more relevant than answers, as the source that generate clarity, understanding, and lead to exploration, while challenging assumptions and increasing insight.

The main power of a question, is the creation of transformation with a transition connected to the path of change in the journey ahead.

Furthermore, questions lead to exclusive focus and consideration to think only in what is related to the question, as research found that the human brain can just focus in one thing at a time. We can´t multitask even though we believe so.

Our brains have a mindful approach and are wired to single task. Therefore, a question has the power to trigger new thoughts, insights, reflection, solutions, ideas, related only to the question.

Questions are even more powerful when these are provided rhetorically as part of a speech or conversation leading to engagement, enhancing our connection with people and even influence or persuade a whole audience.

Well formulated questions in relation to problem solving, have the magic power to lead to the definition of the core problem that really requires solution. In addition, this is the best invested occation that reveal effectively and efficiently the answer to the real dilemma.

For your reflection:

What insights did you find?