Private Virtual Courses

Private Virtual Courses

Personal Development

Become better at prioriotizing right the right things

Being more effective while having work-life balance

Know why you procrastinate and stop doing it

Communicate in the most powerful and effectful way

Be better and providing and handling feedback

Deal with conflicts

Keep yourself committed and motivated to you goal


Lead your own life with the three components of self-leadership: Self-Awareness, Self-discipline and Self-acceptance

Furthermore, we go through important additional skills:

-Efficiency and priorities

-Goals and motivation

-The power of feedback

-Areas of improvement and strengths

-Appreciating what makes us unique Conflict mangament

-Decision making

-Powerful Communication

The Art of Feedback

Feedback is a GIFT with the power to create development for both giver and receiver.

Learn powerful methods and techniques, as well as how and when to use these.

Learn the power behind:
– How to provide powerful feedback
– How to receive and handle feedback

Mastering Time Management

The interaction between productivity and effectiveness is about getting things done while doing the right things.

This course is about discovering the true filosofy of a sustainable time management.

Learn how to balance your expectations, choose the priorities that serve you and become aware of what gives you benefits and advantages to move forward in a mindful and powerful way.

The Art of Public Speaking

Learn how to perform SHARP AND MEMORABLE lectures and presentation  in Swedish & English

Discover your strenghts and boost your areas of improvement with an amazing theory & Practice program where you will learn how the psychology behind the behavior works, which methods you can use to decrease the level of anxiety and most of all, unleash your true potential mastering the secrets of public speaking