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Our Tailored Method

Through the coachningsprocess your goal and the way forward becomes much more clear.

We use mindfulness and mental training 

in our coaching sessions because the real value lies in taking in consideration your individual expectations by applying the method that will support you dealing with challenges and increase your ability to reach your goals, while creating room for your personal development .

Everyone is unique, reason why the coaching method will always be different from person to person.

Our mindful and mental coaching sessions are an entitled product for wellness and can be done by phone and virtually.


”From idea development and evolution to teasing out nuances of delivery, timing, and personal connection, Cristina was everything I needed in a coach and she helped elevate my TEDx speech from a wish into an idea truly worth spreading. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to connect deeply are profound and I now consider her a lifelong mentor”.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

- Award-winning writer
and photographe


”We all face trouble in our life, but not being able to see the real you kills us. If a person is there supporting you, encouraging you, and helping you discover your unique skills, we can stand up and fight again, even fight harder. Cristina helped me discover the key assets in me that I didn’t even know or believe before. She took me along the myth and equipped me with a new, and bright way to look at myself and appreciate all the strengths I have. I would never have been able to become optimistic and reach my goal so fast without her help. She is a coach and also a life-long-worthy friend. Thank you Cristina!

Agnes Yang

-Business Product Owner