A Story of Harmony & Well-being

  With Bosse Rosén

Bosse Rosén’s lifestyle is a delight to follow. He has succeeded to create the perfect foundation for well-being with a fascinating combination of energy and daily harmony. His healthy life philosophy, which can been seen as a powerful skill, started when he was a child.

Ever since I was a small boy in Hagsätra I have been a ”harmony seeker”. I found great pleasure in just sitting in nature, but also walking for the sake of walking, running and just being outdoors.

As part of a scout group, I learned to take care of myself in nature.

As a field biologist, I discovered the joy of curiously noticing plants, birds, and other living things.

When I worked as an ambulance driver, I spent a lot of time thinking about what makes us humans healthy and happy – and what makes me happy. I think an important starting point is asking yourself ”why” and listen to your answers.  

Bosse has guided thousands of people to increased well-being in nature and he enjoys walking trails where finding new paths can also be applied as a remarkably interesting and healthy mindset which engages others to become a pathfinder too.

A path is always new. It is being reshaped. Weather and wind change, as does the season. The path does not require anything from you. You can go as far or short as you want.

You get functional movement without just by walking in rugged terrain.

You get recovery completely naturally.

You get direction, presence, and context.

A path is for me the best metaphor for a good life. So I try to get a moment on a footpath most days.

For Bosse the most relevant moment where he finds harmony is his almost daily ”stubbsittning” practice (just sitting still in nature.)

It gives me relaxation and yes, harmony. But the practice also lets thoughts and inspiration grow in a smooth and non-stressful way. 

Even though the pandemic has been tough with many branches due to social distancing, Bosse´s creative and inspiring concept of having virtual guided activities in nature has been very welcomed.

I do both my course Friskvårdsguide (”outdoor wellness guide”) and guided nature experiences like “stubbsittning” online via Zoom. And I find it works surprisingly well.

We meet online, each in their own nature spot. Then I tell people to turn off the video and put the phone in the pocket and just hear my voice as I guide them through the experience. Towards the end we often do 10 minutes of total silence, where everyone just sits in their own nature surroundings. It’s a great exercise I would encourage you to try.  

What would be your recipe to find daily harmony when chaos and changes we can´t control happen?

Step outside and seek out a place in nature. Anything you associate with nature will do, but the more peaceful the better.

Stay still for at least 10 minutes. Let your phone take a rest, too. See what happens. Repeat tomorrow. 

Another important step towards more harmony is the well-known mindful way: Be present and take one thing at a time. And be kind to yourself when you fail.

What is your next step?

I want to make “Stubbsittning” a household word, a people’s movement, if you like. So, I will keep trying every way I can to promote this simple and powerful activity by continue arranging free “Stubbsittning” events via Zoom that you can find via

You can connect with Bosse and follow his awesome well-being activities via:

Photo: David Sahlberg

Interview: Cristina Söderberg