A Story of Balance

With Jaana Norén

Jaana Norén’s story is a very captivating one with a chain of relevant episodes in her life that led her to develop a strong ability to keep herself in balance.

Many people today have a stressful and unhealthy life situation, both at work and in their spare time. Mental tensions often settle physically in the body in so different ways. Many feel drained of energy without getting the opportunity to understand what is going on.

This was Jaana’s case and the beginning of her journey.

I remember that feeling.

For many years ago, there was a lady at my workplace. Her attitude with people was not conflictive but perceived as unpleasant by everyone.

For me, being around her, meant an immediate energy loss and increased stress.

As soon as I heard her voice, made me feel like a raisin, empty.

I was fascinated about this and started seeking answers to this strange body reaction.

So, I came across a Reiki Master, who explain for me that I might be sensitive to energies.

It was a long journey, but I needed to understand more how energies works and what Reiki was all about.

Jaana studied Reiki, which is an ancient energy medicine method, approved by the World Health Organization as a treatment method for preventive and rehabilitative wellness such as stress reduction.

During my Reiki Master training I understood more about stress and energy thieves. Energy is as the gasoline in a car. Without energy, we can´t function as human beings.

I realized I had been many times closed to burn out during those periods of time when I was doing so many things and being in contact with people that also affected somehow my well-being.

I didn´t know this could have such a negative effect on my health.

I also learned how important is to keep in harmony our physical, mental and spiritual areas.

What is the difference to your life today?

Today I am grateful for all I went through during my journey.

I wouldn´t be able to discover so much about the effects of bad energies and most of all about the stress affecting so many people.

I declared war to stress and dedicated to learn other disciplines such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Qigong to name some with the purpose to help others and myself to live a stress-free life in balance.

What would be your best three tips to become better at keeping life in balance?

  1. It is important to identify what is not right for oneself. We know when we get a feeling of not ”feeling at home”. Once this is identified, look for your way back “home”.
  2. Seek for help. There is always someone you can strong trust, someone with own experience that can guide you, as a mentor.
  3. Don´t run in a negative squirrel wheel. There are more mindful ways to reach your goals and dreams, believe me.

What is your next step?

I will continue my exiting journey and continue to inspire people to work with their own energies with activities that offers stress reduction and increased energy. While I have a mission to fight against stress, I must admit that it is exciting, in my heart and soul, not to know what else is in the future to come. This gives life the amusing touch!

You can follow Jaana´s journey via: Healingsstuga

Foto: by Digitell UF
Interview: Cristina Söderberg