A Story of mentorship and kindness

With Kjell Haglund

Kjell Haglund, entrepreneur for over 25 years changed his career path back in the 90´s to become Life Coach.

He has a fantastic superpower: his unique skill to balance mentorship with kindness. He mentors, shares tips and advice whenever asked, even to other coaches.

Kjell is never worried about competition, and he believes there is always room for everyone, and we should help each other more. That is true inspiration.


“My Inner Journey started 33 years ago, but I started with Coaching for 26 years ago. My passion is to help people to a better life in every conceivable way. For me it is simply a lifestyle to be and live like that."


Kjell holds one of a kind coaching courses and he has an incredible amount of material that he generously shares with his students, besides mentoring and guiding them to navigate their new career paths through obstacles with wisdom, patience and care.


“I have been around for a long time so I have created lot of material and the concept of sharing this is with the purpose to educate my students with the philosophy that we all can support each other. This legacy is very important to me to transmit".


If you could bring up one insight that you have learned from your inspiring journey that could open doors to discover more about ourselves, what would it be and why?

“One of my biggest insights is that everyone has the same value and that everyone has different truths and realities. To accept 100% that everyone has different realities that allows them to have their own truths and realities can enrich the way you see things.”


What does it mean to you "when I help myself, I help others"?

“My truth is that I must fully live the life I want to live, and, in this way, I become the role model for others.”


What is next now?

“I will start some new trainings. One of these is about Finding Your Inner Leadership. Another course is Life / Mentor Coaching. Finally, I will try out to live in a trailer during a period of time. It will be great fun.”

Kjell´s Ten Principles to a better and happier life:

  1. You are supposed to feel good
  2. Remember that you have a choice and a free will
  3. Nurture your ability to give and receive love and joy
  4. Put your energy on what you can influence
  5. Be true to yourself
  6. Whatever you want others to do to you, do it to yourself as well
  7. Accept yourself with all your different sides
  8. Be generous without secret motives
  9. You are not a victim of circumstances
  10. Experience, think and feel for yourself


Kjell´s life philosophy:

  • You are unique
  • You are ultimately responsible for your own life
  • There is no better expert on being you, than you
  • Only you can know what you want with your life
  • Other people can give good advice but only you can understand the decisions that lead you to live the life you want to live
  • By understanding yourself and your needs better, you will become more tolerant and gain a greater understanding of the needs and wishes of others.


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Photographer: Birgitta Mård

Interview: Cristina Söderberg